Swiss IT security goes green(er)

Even in turbulent times, sustainability remains a top priority and is a key issue for us.

Our goal is for green branding to indicate a green approach!

Our Swiss IT Security Group is constantly growing and expanding, with more businesses, locations and employees. This is the perfect opportunity to make significant advancements in the area of sustainability throughout the Group.

The dedicated ‘Green Team’, made up of employees from different departments, is striving to make the whole Swiss IT Security Group ‘greener’. The goal of the project group is to minimise the entire SITS Group’s carbon footprint by mindfully using selected resources and continuously optimising processes.

In recent weeks, the Green Team’s project manager, Christian Jucker, has begun an intensive situation analysis of all of the companies. The next stage will be to draw up specific measures to cut emissions in various areas, helping to make the Group a sustainable business one step at a time.

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