Cybersecurity awareness training

Our IT security training solution is constantly updated and adapted to current events and circumstances (e.g. with content relating to COVID-19 in 2020).

Cybersecurity awareness training

Our SaaS-based solutions and continuously updated IT security training are based on academic research and knowledge transfer. The training is intuitive and teaches users what they need to know to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Customers who apply this training have reduced successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.




      Practical content under realistic working conditions

      Testing users with real-world lures and knowledge assessments

      Our ThreatSim® phishing simulations help you assess users’ susceptibility to phishing and spear-phishing attacks. We also offer the CyberStrength® knowledge assessment, a powerful web-based security awareness tool that helps you measure users’ understanding of critical cybersecurity issues and track progress over time to drive continuous improvement.

      Up-to-date, intuitive, real-world training materials

      To engage users and keep security top-of-mind, we offer a growing, continuously updated library of interactive training modules, videos, posters, images, and articles – all with consistent, actionable messaging. Our customisable training materials cover a broad range of security risks, from phishing attacks to insider threats, and are available in over 35 languages. We also offer an easy way to alert your users to the most relevant phishing attacks and lures with our Attack Spotlight series.

      Measuring results/sharing insights

      Our robust reporting tools help you identify areas of susceptibility, share results with stakeholders, and deliver targeted IT security training when and where it’s most needed. We offer user-friendly, easy-to-read reporting with a modern UI that makes it easy to benchmark, track and trend user knowledge, evaluate progress and gauge ROI. Our reporting tools also indicate a benchmark within your industry.

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      Proofpoint offers innovative, cloud-based cybersecurity solutions and protects businesses against highly developed, targeted attacks via different communication channels (email, mobile apps and social media). Proofpoint solutions help businesses to keep their environments free of malware, prevent the theft and loss of data, collect, securely store, manage and locate sensitive data for compliance or legal purposes, and to exchange data securely and communicate and collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers.


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