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As a leading group of companies in Europe, we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services in all aspects of IT security.


Swiss IT Security AG

IT security is the basis for digitization. It brings your company many advantages if the solutions are carefully thought out and flexibly applicable. Since its foundation in 2002, Swiss IT Security AG has been designing your projects as well as the operation of your infrastructure with passion, experience and know-how. Coordinated measures guarantee reliable work processes and with market-leading technologies we minimize known risks and proactively counter future ones.

As a customer, you benefit from a high level of expertise in the field of IT security as well as from a comprehensive range of services and products.

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Swiss IT Security Deutschland

Fresh perspectives in IT security: merged in 2020, Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH combines the expertise of two long-term players on the German market (alphaBit and Expertcircle).

Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH pursues an integrated security strategy, advising large companies and the public sector extensively throughout the process – from situation and needs analyses, specific project planning and implementation to quality assurance. From its Rhine-Main and Cologne-Bonn locations, it implements IT infrastructure and security solutions throughout Germany and offers managed services.

However complex the issue in the digital transformation era – SITS Germany is the perfect partner for all IT security issues.

Swiss IT-Security Deutschland GmbH is certified to ISO 9001, and all of its employees have ITIL certification.

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“IT and IT security in the best hands: GCL-IT has been offering high-end IT solutions and service concepts based around infrastructure, storage, security, networking and managed services since 1983.

In addition to security services, the company specialises in infrastructure monitoring, protecting internal networks and multifunctional WLAN solutions. Based in Kirchheim am Neckar, GCL-IT’s 20-strong workforce assists a broad spectrum of clients with IT operations, archiving, backups, data migration, IT security concepts and cloud security. GCL-IT distributes web application firewalls and products for emails, WLANs and internal network protection.

Its reliability and the fact it provides innovative solutions designed to safeguard company data and guarantee protected business operations reflect GCL’s recipe for success.”

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“Knowing what needs to be protected: it.sec is a service provider that specialises in cybersecurity consulting. Founded in 1996, the company advises governmental and non-governmental institutions in over 30 countries on matters relating to information security, data protection and IT compliance. it.sec performs penetration testing and, with authorisation, will hack into online systems and shops, companies, banks or industrial plants, helping to prevent and solve cybercrime.

The highly qualified IT specialists and lawyers at the company’s offices in Ulm, Berlin, Vienna and St. Pölten ensure clients have the data protection they need and extensively analyse company targets in the areas of IT governance, risk and compliance management and the interdisciplinary interaction of different areas of IT, as well as raising employees’ awareness of security.”

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ESC - Enterprise Security Center GmbH

ESC is a systems company specialising in IT security and offering products and services in the following areas:

Network and content security: safeguarding (computer) networks and VPN connections and securing web applications.

Data and endpoint security: encrypting email communication and confidential data and protecting against (undesirable) network access from outside.
Mobile and cloud security: app, network and device protection, plus security solutions for private and public clouds and outsourced IT infrastructures.
The company also offers managed security services (24/7 monitoring of IT security infrastructures, maintaining operational readiness, etc.), consultancy and technical concepts for implementing security infrastructures, emergency response and a hotline service.

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Applied Security GmbH

“Applied Security GmbH (known as ‘apsec’ for short) is one of Germany’s top 15 companies in the field of information security. apsec’s proprietary software products and consultancy services ensure all-round protection for your business.

Trust forms the foundation of a successful collaborative relationship. apsec’s professionalism, reliability and transparency has earned the company the trust of all of its clients. These are the qualities that are the basis of its success – qualities embodied by each member of its 60-strong workforce.”

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AV TestLogo


AV-TEST GmbH is an independent supplier of services in the fields of IT Security and Antivirus Research, focusing on the detection and analysis of the latest malicious software and its use in comprehensive comparative testing of security products.

Due to the timeliness of the testing data, malware can instantly be analyzed and categorized, trends within virus development can be detected early, and IT-security solutions can be tested and certified. The AV-TEST Institute’s results provide an exclusive basis of information helping vendors to optimize their products, special interest magazines to publish research data, and end users to make good product choices.

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Traxion is a unique and independent information security specialist active in Belgium and the Netherlands. With our strategic, tactical and operational consultancy and services we work together with our clients towards robust and flexible security solutions. We aim to make security manageable and provide Security Advisory, Architecture and Orchestration. We design and build Security Solutions, custom integrations and deliver Managed Security Services from penetration testing to PKI, from Access control to Audit, from People to Machine Identity Management.

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Addag GmbH

ADDAG- that is Dr. Ralf Schadowski, IT security expert ISO 17024 certified and supervised data protection officer with a team of about 35 members in a nationwide expert network of 80 other data protection officers. The entire knowledge of the network is available to their clients nationwide.

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SecureDevice A/S

SecureDevice A/S is a Danish IT security business. Their core business is consultancy advice on, and delivery of, market-leading IT security solutions for Scandinavia’s top enterprises. SecureDevice considers it to be particularly important that their employees have deep technical insight and broad experience of implementing IT security solutions in different IT environments at some of Scandinavia’s most security conscious companies. Their consultants are familiar with all details of the delivered solutions and are highly experienced in matters of IT security.

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Integrated members

dunkel Logo

Dunkel GmbH

keyon Logo

Keyon AG

“A strategic security and engineering partner to countless companies since 1999

Keyon AG is a leading provider of solutions and services in the fields of IT security and client-specific software development. The company has been active since 1999 and has obtained excellent testimonials through putting a variety of strategic projects into operation for the German Federal Government and clients in the fields of finance, insurance, trade, industry, and telecommunications. The company supports its clients in all stages of a project and likes to be measured by the success of its work.”

SITSGroup Logo Pallas positiv

Pallas GmbH

Logo Intellec

Intellec AG

Founded in 2009, the IT security service provider specializes in mobile device management and, with nine employees, serves a broad customer base in the industrial and retail, commercial, municipal and pharmaceutical sectors.

Member since: 2019
Integrated since: 2020 (Swiss IT Security AG)

Zapp IT

zapp it GmbH

Das 2004 gegründete Basler Unternehmen Zapp IT ist in den Bereichen Mobility Services, Instant Virtual Extranet Services, Streaming Services sowie Service Organization & Support Service Consultancy spezialisiert. Daneben bietet das Unternehmen auch Sicherheitslösungen und Beratungsleistungen zur Einführung interaktiver Support Tools und Web Programming an.

Mitglied seit: 2019

Integriert seit: 2020 (Swiss IT Security AG)

ExpertCircle Logo  COL WEB

Expertcircle GmbH

Expertcircle was founded in 2014 and specializes in Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Security.

Member since: 2018


alphaBit GmbH

AlphaBit is an IT company from Wiesbaden (DE), which has been providing IT infrastructure and security solutions for the public sector and larger companies in Germany for 20 years.

Member since: 2018

Integrated since: 2020 (Swiss IT Security Deutschland GmbH)

logo mitgroup


Die 1998 gegründete Schweizer Firma hat einen starken Cloud-Fokus und bietet moderne Cloud- und Hybrid-Computing-Lösungen an.

Mitglied seit: 2019

integriert seit: 2020 (Swiss IT Security AG)

SITSGroup Logo execure positiv

execure ag

Passionate about digital security: execure ag, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Wettingen, is one of Switzerland’s leading IT security providers. The company has around 30 employees and develops customised security solutions for businesses, incorporating its dedication, experience and expertise into everything it does. execure’s comprehensive and innovative service portfolio centres around the planning, integration, maintenance and expansion of IT security architecture and is based on pioneering products from the world’s leading manufacturers. 24/7 IT security support and managed security services round off the company’s range. The experts at execure ag are also your ideal partners when it comes to risk-assessing and testing the effectiveness of the defences you already have in place. execure ag is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Member since: 2017

Integrated since: 2021 (Swiss IT Security AG)


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