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Taking care of the overall IT infrastructure in every area of the healthcare system. From local GPs to hospitals, we are there to support doctors, dentists, orthodontists, consultants and therapists. We are your IT.

One partner – for everything.

We have been successfully supporting medical practices and clinical units in both the medical and dental sectors for over 30 years now.

Our approach is simple: we take care of all of your IT needs – so that you can focus on your patients. We are the only partner you need, whatever your IT (or IT-related) issue.

We act as the interface between all of the partners and specialist companies involved – from the electrician to the internet provider – ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that the end result is maximum availability, high-performance infrastructure, an enthusiastic workforce and satisfied patients.

We protect your data, take care of security and safety, maintain all systems, coordinate all of the parties involved where necessary, help you comply with statutory requirements – and much more.

At GCL-IT we see ourselves as a universal partner for all IT and practice-based issues. We are under no obligation to external parties, with contractual tied to specific manufacturers – which means that you, the customer, are always the sole focus of our attention. This time you are the patient – our patient – and, just like you, we take our work very seriously: your well-being is our top priority!

We are your IT. Literally.





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      One partner

      For all your IT requirements, there’s only one partner you need – GCL-IT! We take charge and coordinate any other parties required. We coordinate the work and ensure in advance that all the elements of the project are aligned – eliminating incompatibilities and interface problems, and nipping bad investments in the bud.

      Save costs

      With our decades of experience, our contacts, our know-how and our specialist knowledge, we can provide you with expert support, from the opening of your practice and installing the basic infrastructure to implementing new components, terms or specialist solutions. Centralised procurement of hardware and software saves you money and makes for a uniform infrastructure. Personnel expenditure and organisational costs are significantly reduced. We also scrutinise your current service agreements and we usually manage to reduce costs significantly here too.

      You can use the savings to benefit your patients.

      Data protection

      Our tried-and-trusted data backup and data protection strategy guarantees the fail-safe operation of your practice and the greatest possible protection for your patient data. The network is protected by our reliable, certified firewall systems while best-in-market virus scanner solutions take care of the data. GCL-IT also helps you comply with statutory regulations regarding the handling of patient data – audit-proof long-term archiving is a must for any practice. What does your current solution look like?

      Always there for you

      Monitoring and service

      Our GCL monitoring system watches over your systems around the clock, seven days a week. It can detect many issues before they become a problem, ensuring that your practice continues to operate uninterrupted.

      If a problem does arise, our technical team will take care of servicing the devices in your IT infrastructure, including printers, scanners, etc. – even out of hours in an emergency.

      Hotline Support

      Our hotline is available seven days a week to assist with ALL your enquiries about your IT environment. Where required, we will contact all the necessary parties to solve the problem. We’re here for you – and will never leave you stranded.

      Maintenance according to plan

      It is important to keep all of your systems – including operating systems and applications – up to date. In the medical sector, however, where application updates are often approved very late or sometimes not at all, this is easier said than done. In addition, the approval for many applications ties them to a specific release – and drivers for medical equipment are generally not available for new operating systems.

      In these circumstances, it is not always easy to find a balance between availability and security requirements – which is why we deploy virtual IT infrastructures in the field of server systems. This ensures the greatest possible flexibility, performance and system stability – and significant cost savings too. Using our specialist knowledge, we take charge of the security updates for all of your systems – servers and workstations – and we are also happy to perform regular quarterly updates of your practice administration software and your specialist applications.

      Because this takes time and the workstations have to be switched off during the updates, we normally undertake this work outside office hours – usually at the weekend. We will always arrange this with you in advance and are happy to schedule the work to suit you.

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