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Particular parameters and conditions have to be taken into account when working with the public sector, on local authority projects, for example, or on administrative and educational networks in teaching institutions.

Here you need to comply both with data centre requirements and the guidelines issued by higher authorities at regional and national level.

We have served as a partner to local authorities and educational institutions for over 20 years. We work with our clients to fulfil their requirements for installations and updates but also general support, ensuring that operations run smoothly across the wide range of user areas.




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      Our long-term collaboration with public authorities and educational institutions has contributed to our expertise in this environment. Because we also work with clients in other areas and sectors, we can access a wealth of experience and knowledge when developing solutions and implementing projects.


      Our technical team is familiar with the day-to-day challenges in this environment. This means they are able to react very quickly to new situations – including updates or the introduction of new specialist applications. Our partners also benefit from our long-term experience in dealing with faults in day-to-day systems operation.


      The parameters (data centre, higher authorities) may be identical. Yet the infrastructure, range of applications and different approaches to the solution produce a whole range of variations. We work with you not just to find a solution but to find and implement the best solution for your environment and your needs.

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