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Cybercriminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to bypass spam and virus filters. A simple change to your MX record will ensure all your emails are first sent to our Email Security solution with only relevant emails that pass the checks delivered – saving bandwidth, memory capacity, performance, time and money.

Protect your email communication – it’s worth it!

Email is still one of the key communication methods used by businesses. In our Email Security solution, we offer you a managed service that acts as an external shield, intercepting spam, viruses and other threats and preventing them from reaching your network. Reliably high detection rates mean you can do without spam folders and quarantine mailboxes. It doesn’t matter whether your email infrastructure is on-premise or in Office 365.





      Reduce email traffic

      Spam, viruses and other threats are intercepted before they reach your network. This lowers email traffic, reduces pressure on your internet bandwidth, increases performance, frees up memory capacity and saves you time and money.

      Increased security

      Because the system processes such a large quantity of email transactions, it quickly recognises and eliminates malicious code. Our customers form a strong community.

      Additional security features

      You can improve your email security even further with additional security features such as sandboxing, time-of-click and fraud protection. Outgoing email traffic is also analysed, protecting the reputation of your business.

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      Cyren provides an array of proprietary technology, ranging from algorithms and behavioural analytics to big data, machine learning and advanced threats research.

      By automating advanced analytics within the cloud, Cyren uses its extensive detection capability to identify and block threats faster than any other solution. Cyren is revolutionising internet security by using comprehensive cloud data to provide the fastest protection available. Industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Check Point trust Cyren to protect millions of users and billions of internet transactions every day.


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