Network Access Control – NAC

Protecting business networks from internal attacks, supporting network administration – documentation, automation, monitoring.

What is NAC?

While businesses are busy building virtual fortifications around their network and investing huge sums in firewall hardware, software and consultancy services, many of them fail to realise that they’ve left the back door open. Breaking through security systems like these is a very laborious, time-consuming and expensive process – for those on the outside. But what about attacks from inside the network? 

Network Access Control (NAC) can protect business networks from this type of threat – and other internal attacks. NAC controls access to the business network and automatically isolates unknown devices.

The best defence is preventing attacks before they even happen. By preventing an unknown device from connecting to the network, NAC ‘kills’ the platform for potential intruders and prevents attacks from the outset. And notifications raise the alarm so that the perpetrator can be detained at the scene of the crime.




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      The solution ensures that only known, authorised devices are granted access to the network. This prevents attacks and bugs caused by incorrectly configured devices (e.g. an employee’s home router with activated DHCP server).


      In addition to automated documentation, you can store a number of routine jobs (assigning VLANs to ports by device type, reconfiguring ports following relocation, adjusting for VoIP devices with integrated switch, WLAN-APs, etc.) in the NAC rules and automate them. The amount that this frees up administrators is directly proportional to the size and complexity of the network – theoretically, once stored, you can configure all access ports on a fully automated basis.


      All network components and their movements are automatically documented, including a history and graphic topology overview.

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      ISL GmbH

      ISL is a leading German software manufacturer in the field of IT security with a focus on network access control (NAC). Since 1999, we have been helping our customers arm themselves against the ever-increasing and changing IT security challenges. We have made it our business to protect know-how and resources by IT-Security Made in Germany – secure, reliable and trustworthy! Many years of NAC competence and innovative strength distinguish the team of ISL GmbH and let our company grow continuously. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and creative ideas when it comes to implementing the topic of NAC simply and efficiently.

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