Network monitoring

We offer you high-performance, scalable monitoring of all systems, devices, data traffic and applications in your IT infrastructure.

Stay one step ahead of any issues in your IT systems

We offer extensive options for permanently monitoring your operational IT infrastructure (e.g. switches, firewall), servers and computers. The tools we use monitor hard drive space and status, backup, Windows services, the Windows log and much more. Our monitoring services monitor your network 24/7 to detect bugs, outages and threats early on.




      Keep the overview of your infrastructure

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      Everything at a glance

      Stay on top of your entire IT infrastructure at all times. Our solution gathers the relevant data for your IT infrastructure, evaluates it and makes it available to you from a central point.

      Flexible and expandable

      All features can be adapted to your environment and needs.

      Customisable alerts

      Our solution alerts you to any problems or unusual behaviour.
      By email, push notification on your smartphone or a traditional SMS.
      Combined with scheduling and dependencies, it ensures you maintain full visibility at all times.

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      In PRTG, we have developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals to monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock. We also sponsor various IT-related events, such as the DevOps Camp and the Digital Festival.


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