IT infrastructure and virtualisation

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Hardware is the foundation of a well-functioning IT infrastructure. By combining it with cutting-edge virtualisation and data backup solutions, we ensure you meet all your future needs – economic, technological.

Network monitoring

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We offer you high-performance, scalable monitoring of all systems, devices, data traffic and applications in your IT infrastructure.

Network Access Control – NAC

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Protecting business networks from internal attacks, supporting network administration – documentation, automation, monitoring.

Firewall, VPN and remote access

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A modern firewall security solution does more than just protect your network. It also ensures a stable, secure connection between your locations and the cloud. The technologies protect your network against advanced and zero-day threats and offer granular access control. Centralised management enables secure access to all resources from anywhere in the world.

Endpoint and mobile security

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Our solutions secure your day-to-day operations. Protecting every networked device ensures that your business can function reliably and your data is secure and protected.

Email security SaaS

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Cybercriminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to bypass spam and virus filters. A simple change to your MX record will ensure all your emails are first sent to our Email Security solution with only relevant emails that pass the checks delivered – saving bandwidth, memory capacity, performance, time and money.