Swiss IT Security Group has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2023

Our goal to become green

The Swiss IT Security Group is aiming to be carbon-neutral by the year 2023. As a Group, we are looking to introduce specific measures to continuously improve our carbon footprint over the coming years. Ideally, the individual measures we take should also reduce our impact on the environment (in other words, our approach should extend beyond our impact on the climate alone). We are setting out individual measures for different areas such as energy consumption and energy sourcing, mobility, the procurement of capital goods, consumer goods and catering.

Going carbon-neutral – one step at a time

From 2023 onwards, we will tackle our residual impact on the environment by investing in climate protection projects to offset the Group’s carbon footprint. Our goal, however, remains to neutralise our impact as far as possible through our own actions.

A status analysis (conducted every two years) records our environmental impact and carbon deficit, enabling us to assess our progress. Our measures are reviewed annually and, where necessary, adapted in line with new requirements or findings. The SITS Green Team, made up of ambitious employees from different companies within the Group, is assisting the individual entities with rolling out and implementing appropriate measures.

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